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“Look at this brave Iranian lioness”

Globe Voices Online has posted an update on what bloggers are saying and doing in Iran. There’s some pretty stunning material, including a video of a young woman kicking a member of the security forces.

Meanwhile, Simon Tisdall writes in the Guardian of unconfirmed reports that Hashemi Rafsanjani, the controversial mentor to the reformist presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, may be in the holy city of Qom, measuring how much support he might have from the Assembly of Experts in a bid to topple the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.

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  2. Dan Kennedy

    Now fixed. Thanks. I've been looking at alternate spellings all day, so it's hard to keep them straight. Everyone seems to agree on Khamenei, though.

  3. O-FISH-L

    Is that very western looking ballistic shield held by the Iranian officer at the 30 second mark supposed to say POLICE, in English or Farsi? Either the Iranians are shopping at US government surplus auctions or it's another video supplied by Chuck Turner.

  4. Bill Baar

    There have been many pictures of brave women coming out of Iran Dan. What's happening there is very much about Women. Mousavi sensed the change happening and used his wife as part of his campaign. That's really a first in the middle east.

  5. rozzie02131

    Fish: English "Police" signs are extremely common all over the world. In fact, English signs of all types are fairly common, even in places where you wouldn't think anybody speaks English. (Something to think about for people who hyperventilate over some Spanish sign they see in Boston.)

  6. Michael Pahre

    I'm with "Bill Baar" above on this: we're seeing a lot of Iranian women in the images of the street demonstrations.I haven't yet seen images of women bloodied or beaten. Most likely the security forces are exercising a little bit of restraint, at least in this one way. Images of women being beaten are potentially explosive in the Middle East, and could easily cause the whole situation to boil over far more than it is now.

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