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Nielsen Online numbers for April

Just got a look at the Nielsen Online numbers for April, passed along by a Media Nation reader. A few things leap out:

  • Of the top five news sites, none belongs to a newspaper. is number one, with nearly 40.1 million unique visitors for the month, followed by Yahoo News (39.1 million), (37.2 million), AOL News (23.4 million) and Fox News (18.1 million, but up nearly 67 percent over the previous year).
  • The New York Times, which fell to sixth (16.5 million), was down nearly 18 percent over March and nearly 8 percent over the previous year.
  • The Boston Globe’s site,, ranked 23rd in overall news sites (5.9 million), up 33 percent over the previous year. remains the most successful regional newspaper site in the country.
  • The Drudge Report, at 41st (3.2 million), has really seen better days, coming in well behind Web-only sites such as the Huffington Post (16th, 8.9 million), Slate, the Times of London and the Guardian (online-only in the U.S., at least).

Wish I had a link for you. And thanks to Mr. or Ms. X for sending this along.

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  1. Nial Liszt

    Dan– Are you also looking at Sessions Per Person/month and not just Unique Audience. Last full report I saw has Drudge at 21/month and Times and WaPo at 3-4. Also, do you consider newspapers like Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Star Tribune and Milwaukee Journal to be regional newspapers?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Nial: I’ve got uniques per month, period. Not sure that’s the best way to measure audience, but it’s the one everyone uses.Yes, I would certainly consider those papers to be regionals.

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