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More circulation numbers

Jon Chesto of Quincy’s Patriot Ledger has percentage drops for larger newspapers across the state. The winner — or, I should say, “winner” — is the Lowell Sun, whose circulation declined only 0.5 percent.


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  1. Peter Porcupine

    Point of Information – Jon Chesto was one of the sharpest State House reporters ever.

  2. Peter

    Has anyone linked a decline in circulation with the editorial board of the Globe. They have been well behind the curve on the public’s appetite for new taxes. Why buy a newspaper if you disagree with the bias that is visible on the front page and editorial page every day?Is it possible that the Sun saw almost no decline because the newspaper more closely represents the viewpoint of their constituents?

  3. NewsHound

    Attleboro Sun Chronicle has historically bucked the trend of declining circulation. Has it grown since 2007?

  4. Ron Newman

    Still doesn’t have numbers for Lynn, Salem, Gloucester, Newburyport, New Bedford, and other local dailies. Dan, can you somehow get access to the complete ABC report?

  5. Brian Flaherty

    I subscribe to the Sun and it’s getting sloppy and error prone. They’re also gutting most special features of the paper to the point that some weekly editions are 20 pages or so.

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