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Imus’ judgment

No, Don Imus shouldn’t have said he’d “shoot” Jay Severin — but, based on Jessica Heslam’s account, it sounds like no one ever would have known about it if the Severin camp hadn’t started blabbing. And come on — does Severin actually believe Imus was going to pull out a gun and blow him away if he refused to get off the stage?

The shooting remark aside, you can’t argue with Imus’ judgment.

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  1. Doug Haslam

    Maybe Severin’s Pulitzer would stop the bullet.

  2. Bill H.

    Wonderful photo of Severin getting the word from Imus in this morning’s Globe. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.

  3. lkcape

    Doesn’t hurt the ratings of either.Snake oil is still snake oil, no matter who sells it.

  4. Dunwich

    So Jay shows up –after promoting he no longer would–the day after Imus announces he’s seriously ill. I hope gunsel Imus’s threat, wasn’t too traumatic? Apparently it required a day of recovery.

  5. deargod

    Shouldn’t it be “Imus’s?” At any rate, Severin should be glad Imus didn’t comment on his hair.

  6. Dan Kennedy

    deargod: Either Imus’ or Imus’s is correct. I prefer Imus’s, but AP style uses Imus’, and so that’s my guide.

  7. Tunder

    I’ve seen Severin in person and his hair in contrast with his aged face is truly frightening.Any time a troglodyte like Severin gets some comeuppance an angel gets its wings…or something like that.

  8. Dan Kennedy

    Tunder: Who do you think looks older — Severin or Imus? Who do you think is older? My money’s on Severin.

  9. Tunder

    Hard to say, although, at least Imus looks his age (and then some!)

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