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On the road again

I’m heading to Hartford, Conn., later this morning to interview and follow around Christine Stuart, the editor of CT News Junkie, which covers the Connecticut politics at a time when mainstream news organizations are cutting back. Her site is affiliated with a better-known community site, the New Haven Independent.

Stuart is not waiting for a new business model — she’s just doing it.


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  1. NewsHound

    New Haven Independent is an interesting format. Paul Bass has for more than 20 years been committed to producing a quality, alternative newspaper that struggled with costs in print format and now has apparently caught up with its time in Internet format – no need for paper, ink, presses, etc. to do a good job in the community. The price of a “modem” is a lifetime subscription which also posts public and legal notices. The success of this is attributed to Paul Bass’ commitment, vision, devotion and passion.

  2. Ani

    The name “CT News Junkie” didn’t put me off, and the site looks interesting, but once I read the tag, “Because you need it. Bad.” I was gone. Maybe she’s never seen the ravages of substance addiction.

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