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Attack of the comment spam

I have turned on comment moderation, as Media Nation was hit with comment spam overnight. Unfortunately, I’m going to be offline a good part of the day. Will try to approve comments later, as well as take down the spam.

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  1. Ron Newman

    Isn’t that what the CAPTCHA is for, to prevent comment spam?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Ron: Yes, but it’s not working. I have no idea why.

  3. Adam Gaffin

    Spammers are like bacteria – they evolve strategies to counter your antibiotics. I’d been using a math-question captcha on my Drupal sites until the spammers somehow figured out the algorithm. Fortunately, they’ve yet to figure out the alternate captcha I’m using now.

  4. Robin Edgar

    The CAPTCHA word verification code may not be working for the simple reason that some commercial spammers seem to have hired real flesh and blood human beings to post less than wonderful SPAM to blogs. Dan knows that I post the occasional non-commercial SPAM comment about “less than wonderful” Unitarians overnight myself. 😉

  5. Robin Edgar

    SPAM doesn’t get much more commercial than this though. . .Enjoy your SPAM Wonderful SPAMburger!

  6. Ani

    Do we have any idea what it was about?

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