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The last time the Huskies won the Beanpot

I’ve been meaning to give a plug to Outta the Pahk, a new sports blog by Jeff Goldberg, the former Hartford Courant sportswriter who wrote the terrific Jim Rice story I mentioned on Jan. 13, the day Rice made the Hall of Fame.

Today Goldberg offers a bit of Northeastern trivia: he was the last reporter for the Northeastern News to cover a Beanpot championship. Goldberg writes:

Led by Kevin Heffernan and goalie Bruce Racine, who later had a cup of coffee with the St. Louis Blues, the Huskies not only won the Beanpot by beating BU, they also took the Hockey East title at the Boston Garden, knocking off New England powerhouse Maine. Those three games proved the only three I ever got to cover at the old Garden, a thrill for a sportswriter of any age, let alone an 18-year-old.

The Huskies can do it again tonight. And, just as it was 21 years ago, it’s Boston University that’s standing in their way. Huntington News sports editor Nate Owen will be live-blogging the game here.

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  1. Rachel

    Sorry Dan, but I gotta go with my alma mater here. Go Terriers!

  2. LFNeilson

    Terriers? Arrgghhh! Mush you Huskies!!!!— Sgt. Preston

  3. Mark

    The Huskies always find a heartbreaking way to blow it… I’m just glad I wasn’t at tonight’s game – watching the 2005 final in person was enough for me.

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