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Facts are stupid things

Whoa. Looks like David Denby’s new book, “Snark,” gets the stuff about Wonkette right only to the extent that he properly spells Wonkette.

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  1. Bill H.

    With all due respect, the Wonkette piece looks to me like a bad column about a bad book.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Bill: Wonkette is an acquired taste at best, but certainly it shows that Denby didn’t do his homework.

  3. Bill H.

    Dan, certainly true, and there’s a bit of condescension in Denby that’s a put-off too.

  4. bostonmediawatch

    Snark is protected by the First Amendment; you might as well complain about the wind.Wonkette correctly dates its Teddy article; end of story on that aspect.Denby’s book correctly includes Wonkette’s clumsy misspelling of the cliche Taxachusetts.Other than fact-checking, this doesn’t make me any more interested in reading either site.

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