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Zombie site lifts headlines, ledes may be gone, but a bunch of new posts popped up today in Google Reader. I went to the site, and I came across a long list of headlines and ledes lifted from Boston-area media, mostly the Boston Globe.

Hmmm … is someone at GateHouse having a little fun?

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  1. Adam Gaffin

    More likely the Politcker people who are left down in New York figured they’d give the appearance of still having a live site for Massachusetts.They’re using Drupal, so setting something up like that would’ve taken them all of two minutes, if that (Drupal has some excellent aggregator modules), and now they get to earn some incremental revenue from Google ads.Their main site is doing the same thing, just with different feeds

  2. Amused

    Politicker was a joke, absolutely superficial and with no evidence of reporting whatsoever.

  3. GFS3


  4. Michael Corcoran

    same is going on at politickervt

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