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GateHouse and New York Times Co. settle

As I had been hoping, GateHouse Media and the New York Times Co. have settled a lawsuit GateHouse brought over’s Your Town sites, which, GateHouse alleged, violate its copyright by lifting headlines and ledes en masse from its Wicked Local sites.

No details yet.

Instant update: It might be more accurate to say that the two sides are moving toward a settlement. The case has been dismissed, and thus the trial, scheduled to begin today in U.S. District Court, has been canceled.

But here’s what Judge William Young has to say in his written order: “IT IS ORDERED that this action is hereby dismissed without cost and without prejudice to the right of any party, upon good cause shown, to reopen the action within thirty (30) days if settlement is not consummated.”

So it’s possible that this isn’t over yet.

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Jack Driscoll, citizen journalist


GateHouse and New York Times Co. settle (II)


  1. NewsHound

    Not surprised. This was expected. But, it is unfortunate because this would have been a great case to watch in federal court.If a similar case surfaces in the future and actually goes to federal court it most likely won’t be so convenient for us in the Boston area.

  2. ben

    Gatehouse most likely would have lost, spending tons of money on legal expenses in the process. Settlement was really the only option. Gatehouse messed up their case from the beginning. A simple phone call or letter might have made more sense to start with, instead of a federal lawsuit.

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