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Invitation to an assassination

Check out this entry from the Conservapedia on Democratic senators from states with Republican governors. See, the governors could replace those senators with Republicans if anything were to, uh, happen to any of them, hint, hint.

Via Wonkette, which you should check out if the link to the Conservapedia has changed by the time you click. Wow. Does the Secret Service know about this?

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  1. ms. kitty

    So is anyone going to tell the Secret Service? Seems like a no brainer.

  2. Steve Caldwell

    Check out the “talk page” for the Conservapedia article – it’s short but it contains a choice quote:“But this article needs to die very quickly. It reads like a hit list, in all honesty. Everything we say is true, I believe, but this could look very bad”

  3. Ron Newman

    Does the Secret Service protect senators, or just the President and Vice-President? The FBI might be a better choice.

  4. mike_b1

    Well, gee, couldn’t the same be said about GOP senators in states with Democratic governors? And just for fun, don’t Democratic voters have equal rights to guns?Just saying…

  5. Dan Kennedy

    Steve: Yes, indeed, which is why I linked to the Wonkette item, too. I don’t imagine. Although it’s still there as I write this.

  6. Steve

    Just to note: they have put up an equally creepy page of “Senate Republicans from States with Democrat Governors” with pretty much identical wording, put up the day after the inauguration.I wonder whether we’ve gotten to a point where outrage over something like this is really counterproductive, and gives attention to people who just crave the attention. Witness Limbaugh’s new admission that he is now anti-American. It’s a plaintive cry for attention.And it’s working. Crap.

  7. Mark

    I think you’re all reading too much into that.I really doubt there is anybody that passionate about the U.S. Senate anyway.

  8. Nial Liszt

    Limbaugh’s job is to sell soap. He should do that quietly?

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