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Snowed in

News boxes in front of the Danvers Post Office earlier today. For a Flickr slideshow, click here or on photo.

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  1. Gladys Kravitz

    Left a 17 hour blizzard in Bridgewater last night for a party in Plymouth. They got maybe 2 inches. Hours later as we drove back home over the Bridgewater line, we once again encountered the never-ending blizzard as if it were somehow stuck in neutral over just my neighborhood. Blizzarded all night and all day. And like you, today I can barely see the mailbox. At least a plow hasn’t knocked it down (again.)But still… feel more fortunate than my friends in Lawrence…Three days to Christmas – way too long ’till Summer.Happy Holidays to you and yours, Dan. A very Merry Christmas and a CasinoFree New Year!

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