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Firefox versus Safari versus Blogger

So I was enjoying my trial with Safari (for reasons that I can’t quite describe, it feels a little more nailed-down than Firefox 3) when I hit a roadblock: Blogger.

I noticed a post I’d written with Safari had some weird spacing in it. When I looked at the underlying HTML, I saw that Safari inserts bracketed “div” and “/div” thingies every time you hit the RETURN key.

Why, after all these years, are Safari and Blogger still not entirely compatible? Anyway, that’s pretty much a show-stopper for me, so I’m back to Firefox, somewhat reluctantly.

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  1. ms. kitty

    I was glad you’d posted about the new Firefox as I was getting irritated by my old copy of Firefox. I’ve upgraded now to Firefox 3 and like it fine. Thanks.

  2. C R Krieger

    I have been posting both with Safari and Opera and have not noted any problem, but I have only been doing this blog thing for about 45 days.Regards — Cliff Krieger

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Cliff — In looking at your blog, I see you have the extra-large space between paragraphs that results from the “div” crap that Safari throws in. It doesn’t look awful by any means, but I didn’t like it for my blog.

  4. MeTheSheeple

    Possible fixes or workarounds:Blogger’s way of disabling DIV tagsSafari View for Firefox, a Mac-Safari counterpart to the Windows classic IE TabAn alternative to Dan’s Mac with twice as many mouse buttons … Hey, how’d this get in here?

  5. Bellicose Bumpkin

    Where is Safari for Linux? Given all the code Apple has taken from the open source community, where are the apps?- Quicktime?- iTunes?- Safari- etc, etc.Apple takes from the open source community and gives back some code, but doesn’t deliver any of their applications.As much as I hate Microsoft, Apple isn’t doing much to woo me. As a Linux user, I see a lot of lip service from Apple but little substance. Firefox, Mozilla, and other open source offerings treat linux like a tier-one platform. Cross-platform support is big for me – and Apple falls woefully short in that area.

  6. MeTheSheeple

    Bellicose, please don’t talk bad about Apple products. They’re shiny, and using them makes you cool. Did you not get the memo?

  7. jhall

    I always had a horrible time with Safari and Blogger. Sometimes I would cut a block of text to paste in, and it would paste it down under the text window, or in some other random place. Certain formatting options that were present in Firefox just weren’t ther in Safari also.I switched to Firefox mainly because of the problems with Blogger. Of course Firefox has its own set of problems, like continually losing all my site passwords.

  8. Paul

    I had the same problem. Copying and pasting in blogger in Safari puts the text under the window. Now I have to decide if I want to scrap Safari or blogger…

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