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Casino jobs without an actual casino

The $1 billion casino that will never be built in Middleborough is already producing jobs, according to reporters George Brennan and Stephanie Vosk of the Cape Cod Times:

Consultants providing legal, lobbying and public relations services were paid $2.2 million by investors, according to internal financial records for fiscal 2008. In total, the casino investors provided $4 million for the [Mashpee Wampanoag] tribe’s budget including nearly $1 million for pay and benefits of tribal council officers and staff members.

Nice to see that the South African moguls who are the real forces behind this miserable idea are providing some much-needed economic stimulus.

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  1. jvwalt

    What next… bribery as a job creation machine? Frivolous lawsuits? Hey, don’t knock crystal meth: it’s providing good-paying jobs in otherwise hard-hit parts of the country!

  2. Dan Kennedy

    JV: Ideally, we could bolster the economy by legalizing the sale of crystal meth without anyone actually using it!

  3. Bill H.

    Dan, I wish I were as confident as you that the casino will never be built in Middleborough. Money is a powerful elixir; powerful enough to convince those townspeople to sell out their town and much of what they hold dear. When this was being discussed (there was nothing that could have been called a debate), it was clear that those folks who had serious reservations about the wisdom of turning their town into fodder for billionaire investors had no chance to prevail. And the cities and towns nearby, whose infrastructure and services would be challenged? Too bad for them. The message here is: Your town doesn’t want to pay for education, for fire and police, for passable streets? No problem, casinos will take care of all that, and people who believe otherwise just don’t get it.

  4. Gladys Kravitz

    The Tribe still needs to get the land into trust in order to build the casino that ain’t comin. There are enormous hurdles to overcome. New regulations that just made it harder. Other Indian Tribes which claim the land. The list goes on.Despite the well-funded inevitability machine, the dire economy and fairy tale promises sold to citizens and politicians alike, these projects have been turned down all across the country.

  5. Bill H.

    If what you say comes true, Gladys, I’m definitely on the Kravitz for Governor bandwagon.

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