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Fighting at the end of the world

You must read C.J. Chivers and Tyler Hicks’ account in the New York Times of U.S. soldiers defending a remote, dangerous outpost in Afghanistan. It is horrifying and heartbreaking, and you can’t help but be filled with admiration for the soldiers’ courage.

According to the Times, more soldiers will soon be arriving — a trend that may accelerate given President-elect Obama’s goal of shifting resources from Iraq to Afghanistan.

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  1. MeTheSheeple

    Great work by our highly professional soldiers in a truly difficult place. Great reporting.Appalling supply situation. Last time I checked, sandbags don’t weigh much and many can be carried by a helicopter.It also seems likely that they’re getting half-bucked almost to death. They don’t explain how the mortar unit returns fire, but it may be with a counterbattery radar, which’d be great. But there’s no indication in the story, and plenty of reasons to think they don’t, have an appropriate-sized UAV deployable from the base. They shouldn’t have to be waiting for muzzle flashes to know when bad guys are on the hills overlooking them. That’s pathetic.

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