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Jumping ugly with Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber: “There’s too many questions with Barack Obama and his loyalty to our country, and I question that greatly…. His ideology is completely different than what democracy stands for.”

Pretty nasty stuff. Is the McCain campaign going to say anything?

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  1. mike_b1

    Typical GOP do anything to win tactics.What kind of reaction will we see when Broward County casts 10,000 votes for Pat Buchanan again?

  2. O'Rion

    At some point JTP will be angry with the McCain camp. As in, the quid hasn’t been substantial enough for his pro quo.

  3. Stella

    Joe (NotMyName) the Plumber (NoLicense) probably receiving a few bucks. He is, in fact, wholly irrelevant.

  4. Pink Granite

    Nope. The McCain-Palin campaign plans to ride JTP’s fictional plunger right across the finish line. With any luck at all it will be to a resounding second place finish.- Lee

  5. LFNeilson

    Do you know anyone who has changed their vote based on the words of the plumber’s helper?I didn’t think so.zzzzzzz

  6. Nial Liszt

    Obama supporting, San Francisco talk show host calls for death of Plumber Joe. Is the Obama campaign going to say anything?

  7. Rich

    After the Obamanauts basically did everything but stick a camera up his ass, I don’t blame him one bit for returning fire.Do you Obamatons do anything but whine whenever someone says something non-positive about The Messiah?

  8. O'Rion

    “Stick a camera up his ass” JTB has yet to consent to a view of his medical records. He’s taking his cue from Sarah, not McCain.

  9. Mike F

    I’m confused, which ones are the robots that can turn into cars?

  10. Michael Pahre

    This is what happens when you: take an unknown person; bring them into your campaign to be the new face; don’t vet their background ahead-of-time; don’t insist that they stick to campaign positions on the issues; and let them talk to the media without a chaperone.

  11. O'Reilly

    Last gasp. It’s over. It’s all over. Henderson stole ball. It’s all over.

  12. Dan Kennedy

    Larz: You are correct, sir. On the other hand, do you ever remember a presidential campaign using someone who sounds like a white supremacist as an official surrogate?

  13. notahemi

    Why should the McCain campaign “do” anything about what Joe said.In the first place McCain didn’t say it. (Joe is still a private citizen, even if the government workers, probably Democratic, in Ohio did use government computers to investigate him.)In the second place, it’s true.Have we come to the point where if the truth hurts, it can’t be said?

  14. mike_b1

    notahemi: Obviously, because every time someone who read Obama’s book, or passed by one in a store, speaks out against Old Man McCain, the McCain campaign calls for Obama to repudiate the remarks.

  15. Tunder

    The shallowness of McCain’s campaign couldn’t have been better exemplified than touting Joe the Plumber as an “American hero” (actually said by McCain on the stump). I won’t go as far as saying Joe’s a “white supremicist.” Ridiculous reach by McCain? Predictably not resonating with voters who will decide this election? Looked back upon as a great example of how awfully McCain’s campaign was run?Yes to all 3!

  16. bostonph

    rich & notahemi,"Joe the Victim" is now considering becoming "Joe the Congressman.“Time to dry those crocodile tears.

  17. Don, American

    How about, “Right on, Joe?”

  18. mike_b1

    Better pay your taxes first, plumber boy.

  19. bostonph

    As long as “Don, American” is interloping, why don’t we discuss the meaning of this tidbit from his blog:I understand “The Jeffersons” syndrome, a symptom of which may cause black people to vote for Obama “to get a piece of the pie,” but I am dumbfounded that anyone else would vote for him.For context his handle refers to his refusal to check the race box on forms and his dislike of terms such as “African-American.” I personally feel dirty for ever having responded to him.

  20. tvoh

    C’mon Dan,How can you claim you are not a supporter. You are completely in the tank.

  21. mike_b1

    McCain was a wise man to hitch his ride to Joe the Plumber’s star.

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