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Truth in labeling

I hadn’t noticed this Washington Post feature before, but I love the name of it: “Both Sides,” in which Tucker Carlson and Ana Marie Cox “debate the issues and latest developments.”

Why do I love the name? Because Carlson isn’t really a conservative. And Cox isn’t really a liberal. Both sides of what, exactly?


Let the excuse-making begin


The great pumpkin


  1. Vox

    If Tucker Carlson is not a conservative, then what is he?

  2. Aaron Read

    Too…many…jokes… flying…into…brain… can’t…choose!

  3. Mr Punch

    It was ever thus. In the ’70s, we saw Nicholas von Hoffmann (national) and George Frazier (local) represent the “liberal” viewpoint in these point/counterpoints (against James J. Kilpatrick and David Brudnoy, respectively).

  4. Doug Shugarts

    Tucker Carlson is the poor man’s George Will. I won’t take credit for that line — I heard it years ago, but can’t find a reference online — yet the remark is spot-on.

  5. Peter Porcupine

    DK – Greater Boston puts forward Todd Domke as a Republican, why do you expect accuracy from the Post?

  6. Stella

    A few years ago to be “Tucker Carlson’d” was to be bored to tears.These labels are phony. They’ve been stretched and twisted to nothingness. Both sides now while bounce a ball?

  7. Aaron Read

    I wish I could’ve found this link earlier today when I made my previous post about too many jokes flying into my brain at once…but better late than never!Mock That Employee!

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