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Four J’s

Jon Lester! Jason Varitek! Jason Bay! Jed Lowrie! Wow.

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  1. Dunwich

    Well I’m sure interests would love to see Dodgers v.Red Sox. But I’m afraid the RS are going to have their usual awful time in that dreadful bathtub in Tampa. I’m picking the TBR and Phillies in WS’ 08. Many fine stories on this year’s Bosox including Pedroia, Bay, Lowrie,and the improvement (and great courage) of Lester.

  2. Dot Lane

    How impressive is John Lester? And if the Sox had made the trade for Johan Santana, would they even be in this position? I saw the comments from Torii Hunter and John Lackey after the game, insisting the Angels were the better team. Better at what, precisely, in this series?

  3. mike_b1

    dot, it’s best to put no more credence in what athletes say in the aftermath of a tough loss than you do in what print journalists say when someone sticks a camera in their face (see Ryan, Bob). In all cases, they are as likely as not to go bonkers, and regret it later.

  4. Suldog

    Man, that was fun! The only downer to this is that we now have to see that hideous excuse for a ballpark in Tampa again. Ugh.

  5. Doug Shugarts

    Once again, this year’s ALCS will be much better baseball than the World Series.

  6. Steve

    Doug – I hate to say it, but you might be wrong because of the Manny effect. The Dodgers are loaded.I so want the Dodgers to lose! As soon as possible, please!

  7. mike_b1

    Steve, loaded? Their pitching is good by NL standards, but not anywhere on par with the Red Sox or even Tampa.Barring a plane crash, the AL representative will be the heavy favorite.

  8. Steve

    From your mouth to Nick Esasky’s ear, Mike.

  9. mike_b1

    Ohhh — cheap shot! Vertigo Nick had one terrific season in Boston before he was felled (although I’d have to look up what year that was; 1988, maybe? I know I was still in college). What a shame that was.

  10. Steve

    No cheap shot was intended! It was a play on Esasky’s nickname (“The Baseball God”).And yes, his vertigo was a real shame, for Nick, for the Red Sox and for me (since he was the firstbaseman on my Jamaica Windjammers of the MVBL).

  11. mike_b1

    1989. I did look it up. He played six games for the Braves in 1990, then kapow!(And for the record, I was still in college, helping to program a baseball simulation on the old PLATO system. I know Steve remembers that.)

  12. Steve

    Mike, I’m ashamed to admit it, but PLATO was after my time.

  13. mike_b1

    Oh Steve, don’t …

  14. Steve

    In MY day, we didn’t have fancy-pants time-sharing systems, no!We had card decks that weighed 200 pounds that we had to carry to school through the ice and snow, uphill, BOTH WAYS!And we LIKED IT!

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