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Beating the press

I’ll be on “Beat the Press” tomorrow (7 p.m., WGBH-TV, Channel 2). Don’t know what the topics are yet, but I’m reasonably certain we’ll be looking at coverage of the Sarah Palin-Joe Biden debate.

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Typo of the day


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  1. Steve

    I read a couple f things of interest today dealing with (potential) media behavior.First, Atrios has a prediction:”I’m guessing they twist something – anything – Biden says into being an attack on Palin’s children/family somehow.”Second, folks at Media Matters recall a 2000 comment by Howard Fineman about the media’s real bias:”I don’t think the media was going to allow just by its nature the next seven weeks and the last seven or eight weeks of the campaign to be all about Al Gore’s relentless triumphant march to the presidency.We want a race I suppose. If we have a bias of any kind, it’s that we like to see a contest, and we like to see it down the end if we can.”

  2. An Astute Observer

    Dan on GB on CH 2 last week faking being appalled“I just heard that Alaska now makes rape patients pay for their own treatment…can you believe it”How disingenuous can you be?This week on GB Dan feigns shock…“I just heard that they moved a tanning bed into the governors mansion in Alaska!”

  3. Vox

    Talk radio host Michael Graham took advantage of a weakness in the Beat the Press format by blurting out false statements during a round-table discussion that had little time for rebuttal. Having said that, I give you, Dan, and Callie Crossley for calling him out on his gross misstatements.

  4. jhall

    Whose bright idea was it to put Graham on there?

  5. Prospecticus

    Emily was correct about Ifill, it was just a completely inappropriate gig even though she wasn’t going to be a factor. What was so hard to understand, that nobody in the process of writing a book should be moderating anything? I really don’t think Ifill gets it as she laughed off “being part of the story,” on “WW”. Wolcott who is no fan, kills GI and her mentor David Broder in his blog today.

  6. An Astute Observer

    Dan, how come you didn’t have the guts to correct(?) Michael Graham when he stated that it was untrue that Alaska forces rape victims to pay? (In you best “feigning shock” voice?)

  7. Dan Kennedy

    Not So Astute: Open your ears. You should have heard me disagreeing with him as that untruth came tumbling out of Graham’s mouth. Beyond that, it’s not my show. What would you like me to do? Tell Emily Rooney to shut up so that I can correct Graham?

  8. An Astute Observer

    >>Open your ears. You should have heard me disagreeing with him as that untruth came tumbling out of Graham's mouth<<I listened and didn't hear anything. Did it get cut in editing?

  9. Dan Kennedy

    No. Read.

  10. DA

    **Dan, and Callie Crossley for calling him out on his gross misstatements.**I still didn’t hear it. If it’s still on the Tivo, I’ll check it out.Dan used a hole in the format the preceding week to announce that Alaska makes Rape vicitms pay for their treatment. Telling half-truths , and half the story is not something I would give you high marks for integrity.

  11. Dan Kennedy

    No, DA. Wasilla, not the entire state of Alaska. Formerly, not currently. For forensic testing, not their treatment. And that’s the whole truth.

  12. An Astute Observer

    The truth is that they “charge the victim” if they are insured so that the insurance company pays for the lab and medical work necessary. (If the Victim is insured, then their insurance company should pay for it. Why should the public pay for something insurance covers?)If they are not insured, they are not charged.And THATS the whole truth.

  13. Dan Kennedy

    In other words, the victim was charged through her medical insurance until the Alaska legislature stepped in and stopped Wasilla from doing it. That’s all anyone has ever said. It is appalling and obscene.

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