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A nasty, brutish and short postseason?

I didn’t like the Red Sox’ chances even before the latest news — just too many key guys hurt. I’m amazed they made the playoffs with such ease, given that it seemed like they never really got hot all season. (Although they’ve had a terrific won-loss record since The Trade.)

Now Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald reports that Josh Beckett might be out with an oblique injury. I don’t want to say stick a fork in them. But you might as well keep one handy. (Via Universal Hub.)

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  1. O-FISH-L

    Call it the Pesky curse. Anytime established standards are compromised for “the greater good,” be it subprime lending or retiring the number of a subprime player, things are sure to come crashing down. Sad.

  2. mike_b1

    In a short series, anything can happen. Good or bad.

  3. Dot Lane

    “Anytime established standards are compromised for “the greater good,” be it subprime lending or retiring the number of a subprime player, things are sure to come crashing down.”***************You’re absolutely right. And I remember those glorious World Series victories in the years the Sox retired the numbers of worthy players: 1984, 1988, 1989, 2000. Oh those halcyon days: four world championships for the Sox before I turned 18! Or am I misremembering? Didn’t the Red Sox got swept by Oakland in the ALCS in 1988? But they retired Bobby Doerr’s number that year! How could that have happened? And two World Series championships since they violated their established standards to retire Carlton Fisk’s number? How can that possibly be? Oh, wait, that’s right. Beckett’s injury and Pesky’s number being retired have nothing to do with one another. I’m surprised you just didn’t chalk it up to “God’s will” o-f-l, which makes about as much sense as your argument.

  4. Aaron Read

    If the Sox get booted out I will be very sad.If the Cubs win the World Series, though…I can live with it. Actually, I wouldn’t mind the Brewers winning it all, either.Hell, to be 100% honest, I could live with the Cubs beating the Sox in the World Series. I wouldn’t WANT it to happen, but I could definitely live with it. Us Sox fans know what it means to be a Cubs fan…and it’s not like the Sox aren’t going to be contenders most years these days.

  5. io saturnalia!

    Aaron,I’m OK with the Cubs, but if the Brewers took it all, it would only subject us to the Brew Crew’s Brandi Chastain-like shirt-doffing antics, and I’m not sure I’m ready to see a half-naked Prince Fielder.But no need to worry: The good guys from Boss Town will win it all again, machine-gunning California and the Devil Rays on the way to the crown.

  6. mike_b1

    O-Fish, what difference does it make how many numbers, or whose, the Red Sox retire? The Celtics retired Jim Loscutoff’s “name” (he actually asked them to leave the number available to future players), and he was the 1950s version of Brian Scalabrine. And all they did was win 11 more Championships after that.

  7. bostonph

    I think o-fish-l is just trying to prove he can be bitter and delusional on almost any topic. The man has range.

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