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A slight flaw in the system

Looks like the Houston Chronicle is going all-out in its efforts to keep online readers informed about what’s going on in the wake of Ike. But there would appear to be a flaw in the system. Check this out, from an FAQ on the Chronicle’s Web site:

Question: When will the power come back on?
Answer: It could take weeks. CenterPoint Energy reports virtually all its customers — 2.1 million of its 2.26 million — are without power as of 10 a.m. Saturday.

Hmmm … OK, so who in the Houston-Galveston area is able to read the Chronicle’s Web site?

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  1. MeTheSheeple

    Presumably, it’s the people who, as advised, evacuated to a safe area who can see it. I’ve got an aunt and a cousin elsewhere in the region now, plus an uncle cracking beers on his mom’s back yard in Brazil.Here’s a stellar example of the kinds of people who don’t evacuate.

  2. liamstliam

    People on generator power.People with charged battery laptops.If you have one of those wireless modems, you can access the Internet.(How are they keeping their site up).The Sheeple is right, too. It’s for the folks who are not there.

  3. noternie

    aren’t there any number of phones that can access the internet?you can even recharge those cell phones in the car or with a generator.

  4. Red Sphynx

    I’m a Houston resident. I read the Chronicle’s coverage online – from my Treo phone, while I was in my (powerless) house, and from a friend’s house outside the blackout area.Here’s a shout-out to Michael Matthews (a UU), on the Chronicle’s web-team, who toiled on short sleep to keep the site up.

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