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Media reaction to McCain’s speech

In my latest for the Guardian, I survey the mediascape and find there’s at least one thing liberals and conservatives can agree on: John McCain’s speech was a snooze.

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  1. O'Rion

    Wolcott’s 8/19 blog gave a list of a few personalities he never wanted to hear from again. I think I’d add Stefanopolous to mine. On Nightline George gave McCain A’s and B’s. Both the content and delivery of the speech were poor. If that was his very best, I’d give him a gentleman’s C. But the faux Walter Reed backdrop drags the presentation down to a failing grade George!

  2. Peter Porcupine

    There is nothing the matter with Kansas as far as they are concened – John McCain articulates their beliefs, priorities and concerns just as well as Obama does that of Arlington. Kansas is just bigger, that’s all. I am constantly amazed at how Mass. liberals think their own solutions and ideas should be superimposed across a nation as the ‘best’. Many who support universal health care do NOT support a government run plan, for instance – a differnt solution, not a lack of interest.To return to the subject of the post – the speech – I think the poll jump is due to the absolute sincerity of McCain’s speech. When he looked the camera/audience in the eye and said, “I HATE war..” with the knowledge that he knows more about it than any other candidate – it moved people more than Obamian blandishments, which sound rhetorical and theoretical. It made the ‘McSame’ and ‘Third Term’ arguments seem shrill and hollow. The praise for Obama contained in the speech – like the commercial congratulating Barack which ran after his acceptance at the DNC – was a touch of courtesy beyond the ken of the Chattering Classes who support Barack. The speech was not delivered in a glamourous way – which made every awkward word seem more honest.

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