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When Barack O. met Bill-O

O’Reilly let Obama get in a few words, but he didn’t get carried away. After all, if Obama had been allowed to speak a complete sentence, it might look like O’Reilly was losing control of the show.

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  1. mike_b1

    McCain’s 30 minutes in and neither hide nor hair of substance or a minority.He’s going to downsize government, but he’ll help make up wages for workers whose jobs were lost, he’ll pay for retraining workers for jobs that have left permanently (who knows how he will define that), and he’ll spend more on schools, and give a larger credit to families with kids.Funny: McCain never mentioned that, by statute, any bill that reduces revenue to the Treasury must be made up for – dollar for dollar – by another revenue stream. In short, you can’t cut taxes without raising them somewhere else.And so we’ll put the schools in the hands of parents and students – not the experts. Smart! *eye roll *He wants to cut the “second highest corporate income tax in the world,” yet more than half of US businesses pay no taxes.And he completely misstated Obama’s position on nuclear power.We’re going to stop sending money to countries that don’t like us very much…but I’ll keep spending $80B a month on Iraq. Makes sense. I think those blows to the head are showing up again.We’re going to restore the health of our planet by … more drilling! See above.We need to change government. He should know: He’s been part of the problem for nearly 30 years.Speaking in front of the small crowd makes him look pathetic, like the loser who couldn’t get into the debate, so he holds a rally in the foyer.He’s going to draw on his relationships with foreign leaders, none of whom like him (and after critizing Obama for talking to them).Utterly unconvincing. Lots of camera shots of sleeping audience members. (Oops!) Not a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd. You can almost see the audience following the direction to applaud.

  2. mike_b1

    Also, can we just retire the anecdotal use by politicians of naming persons on hard times as proof that they care? Clinton did this well; every one else pales in comparison (especially when they grew up in a well to do household, graduated Navy despite being by all accounts a lousy student, and then dumped his invalid wife and kids for his younger, mega-wealthy mistress.

  3. mike_b1

    He’s done. It was just a pep rally. Not a single idea. Hey, I just saw a black person!

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