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New Orleans on the brink

Just flipped around the cable channels, and it’s hard to get a clear picture of what’s going on in New Orleans. On the one hand, it sounds as though Gustav had weakened considerably by the time it hit land. On the other, there are reports of levees and canals overflowing.

Looks like is the place to be, just as it was three years ago.

I’m off to Canobie Lake Park with the official Media Nation daughter and her friend. So I won’t be responding until later.

Good luck and best wishes to the people of New Orleans.

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  1. Tony

    We went to CLP yesterday and it was a ton of fun, as always. Because they now have a water park, folks can be readmitted in if they go back to their cars to change or for lunch or something. We didn’t do that, but we might next time.

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