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“The media” cheer Obama (II)

More-direct evidence of how silly The Hill’s item was concerning people with press passes cheering for Obama: Charley Blandy of Blue Mass Group saw my post and followed up, noting that BMG bloggers were among those wearing green press passes and cheering.

Blandy writes: “In other words, the reporter at the Hill may well have seen partisan bloggers like us, who had green press credentials, whooping and cheering for Obama. That’s a problem because … ?”

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  1. Tony

    Eh, maybe “partisan bloggers” shouldn’t have been given “press” passes but given “blogger” passes?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Tony: Let’s try to think this one through.1. Slate: Blog-like, and some of its content consists of blogs. Definitely liberal but not partisan. Hmmm … press pass or blogger pass?2. Talking Points Memo: A very liberal blog, and partisan, too, but in many respects adheres to the traditional standards of journalism. TPM staffers presumably do not cheer speeches or candidates. Press pass or blogger pass?3. Blue Mass Group: Liberal, partisan, not journalists, although its bloggers often do journalism of one sort another. They proudly cheer. Press pass or blogger pass?The big question: Do you really want anyone — most likely an MSM organization, since that’s how press passes are traditionally handled – trying to define the distinction between these different types of liberal political blogs and designing different sorts of passes? I don’t. Give ’em all press passes.The folks at The Hill, of all places, ought to know that not everyone who has a press pass is a journalist.While I’m here, I guess I should post this elsewhere, but I want to respond to your contention that John Edwards was qualified for the presidency because of his experience as a trial lawyer.You’re right, I don’t like Edwards. But I, too, read his book, and thought it was excellent. I also like lawyers. That said, I think working as a trial lawyer is exceptionally poor preparation for being president. Great trial lawyers work either alone or in small teams. You learn how to talk, argue and advocate, which is not worthless, but it’s hardly in the same category as serving in elected office.

  3. Steve

    Why limit this to bloggers? What about opinion journalists and broadcasters, those who are completely “out” about their preferences? Do they get different passes than reporters?

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