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Palin’s a global-warming skeptic, too

Which, as the Politico notes, puts her well to the right of John McCain. Even to the right of President Bush.

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  1. Steve

    I think the term “global warming skeptic” gives skepticism a bad name, especially when it comes to science.A true skeptic has an open mind and wants to see the evidence on all sides of an issue. A true scientist has a healthy degree of skepticism. When not competent to judge the evidence, a skeptic listens to the arguments on all sides and shows a willingness to consider new data and new arguments.Palin sounds more like her mind is made up, no matter what evidence or argument is put in front of her, which would make her more of a “denier” than a “skeptic”.

  2. Bill

    My sister just married a native Alaskan. Until she had moved up there, I knew almost nothing about the state. At 600,000 resident, I believe that puts the entire state population at just 20% of the greater Boston area. Anyway, from my experience (not backed up by polls, just the people I’ve met from there) this lack of belief in global warming seems pretty widespread. Maybe they’re secretly hoping if the place warms up, they can use more of all that land they’ve got. I suspect that anyone interested in a political future in the state probably has to hold that view.

  3. Doug Shugarts

    What bothers me about political discussions of climate science and evolution is how the right addresses each as a matter of belief.Questions like “Do you believe in global warming?” reduce legitimate science to a simpleminded matter of faith and superstition. The question is as meaningful as asking for one’s opinion of the Easter Bunny.The appropriate way for the press to pose the question to candidates is, “Do you accept or reject climate science?”Couching these questions in terms of belief is a disservice to the thinking public.Doug Shugarts

  4. Don, American

    Hallelujah for her common sense.

  5. MovieOverlord

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