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Kerry got the Patrick treatment

I didn’t realize how few viewers had a chance to see John Kerry’s speech last night. So let’s see — the pundits keep telling us that the Democrats aren’t attacking McCain enough; Kerry devotes his entire speech to a full-throated disembowelment of McCain; and the pundits don’t let us see it. Am I missing anything?

Josh Marshall calls Kerry’s “the best speech of the convention.” I don’t think it was quite that, but it certainly gave viewers (some viewers, anyway) the biggest helping of red meat they’ve had so far.

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  1. Neil

    Well at least one pundit is pointing out the reverse:But some Democrats also believe that if the attack strategy prevails, it threatens the very essence of the candidate’s appeal.Which is apparently what Vennochi actually thinks too:Then, each candidate works feverishly to scratch the glitter off the other before election day. The shooting star must be brought down to earth, destroyed in the name of comparative politics.Remember? Obama was going to change all that. That was his promise. That’s what made him different.So Obama risks accusations of inauthenticity by doing A, or being revealed to be just a plain old politician by doing B, or…Pundit-wise, Obama’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t, no matter what. Thus the pundit-o-mat cancels itself out.

  2. Don, American

    Boy, I’m glad I missed that.

  3. DevorahLeah

    The Mass. delegation, when doing the roll-call, didn’t even mention Kerry. They mentioned Deval, Ted Kennedy, JFK, Theresa Murray (who was their spokesperson), etc. but no Kerry.And MSNBC didn’t even carry the speech– although they did broadcast it on a delay after midnight.

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