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More on the Scott Beauchamp saga

Last week I linked to Spencer Ackerman’s report for Radar alleging that the real scandal involving ex-“Baghdad Diarist” Scott Beauchamp was that The New Republic had failed to stand behind Beauchamp’s accounts of loathsome behavior on the part of U.S. troops (himself included) in Iraq.

Today the story gets even more interesting. The blog Moon of Alabama observes that an Army sergeant who’s been implicated in killing four blindfolded, handcuffed Iraqi detainees and then dumping their bodies in a canal has exactly the same name as a sergeant who had denounced Beauchamp’s reporting as fiction — First Sgt. John E. Hatley.

I have no idea who or what Moon of Alabama is. But the story about the alleged murders is in today’s New York Times, and all Mr. or Ms. Moon has done is connect the dots.

Still nothing on The New Republic’s Web site. And a hat tip to Media Nation reader L.A., who sent me to this Laura Rozen blog item.

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  1. Peter Porcupine

    DK – it’s the chorus to the Doors’ ‘Alabama Song’, known as ‘Whisky Bar’ -“Oh, moon of AlabamaWe now must say goodbyeWe’ve lost our good old mamaAnd must have whiskey, oh, you know why”

  2. Dan Kennedy

    That explains the little saying in the upper right.

  3. Steve

    It was once a companion blog to Billmon‘s Whiskey Bar. Whiskey Bar would have posts, Moon of Alabama would host comments to those posts. Don’t know why he did it that way.

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