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The worst … person … in the world!

Keith Olbermann, if you’re taking nominations for tonight’s show, please consider David Davis, the principal of Ponce de Leon High School in Florida.

According to the Associated Press, when one of his students told him she was a lesbian and that she wanted him to stop her fellow students from harassing her, Davis outed her to her parents, told her to stay away from children and suspended friends who wore T-shirts supporting her.

Despite all that, folks in Ponce de Leon are reportedly wondering what it was, exactly, that Davis did wrong.

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  1. ctscuse

    Ahh, Florida.

  2. Aaron Read

    Can we make DC a state and bust Florida back to being a non-voting territory? I don’t care WHAT it would cost, it’d be worth it…Where’s George Soros when you need him?

  3. Aaron Read

    Okay, after calming down a bit, I am heartened to read that A: the judge smacked down Davis pretty hard and B: has forced the town to wake up to the fact that, yes indeed, it doesn’t matter what street, town, city, county, state or region you live in…if you’re a bigot, you’re still a bigot even if you’re surrounded by other bigots.I love how they desperately cling to their bigotry by saying they wouldn’t think it’d be such a problem here, but they could understand it “(insert city name here)”.I also love how NOBODY is talking about the fact that the problem is that what really makes that attitude so incredibly wrong is that it’s not like the students can just leave their school. If you’re going to force people to be in a public setting, you can’t then demand they adhere to your private beliefs.

  4. Don, American

    What? No church in Ponce de Leon?

  5. Doug Shugarts

    Don,You were once serenaded to the music of David Bowie. Maybe next time — Neil Young?Doug

  6. Don, American

    Doug: What?

  7. Jimbo

    Call me an elite liberal from the Northeast, but more and more I cannot believe that I share a country with people whose values seem to me totally insane. These are the same people who would have lit fires to burn people during the Inquisition or would have marched in lockstep in Nazi Germany, yet they get as much of a vote for president as everyone else. What are we to do?

  8. bostonph

    Doug: Perfect reply. The only appropriate response to one of Don’s non-sequitors is another.

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