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The opposite of independent (II)

Another highlight from the Spectrum Gaming Group’s Web site:

Spectrum fields a full complement of experienced executives to help our casino development clients as projects move from conceptual planning to fully operational businesses. Our team of gaming professionals — with extensive experience in accounting, operations, regulation, law-enforcement, slot technology and media relations, among many other disciplines — has developed, planned and opened many casinos worldwide, and has provided clients with the tools to develop viable casino projects that will comfortably withstand governmental licensing scrutiny, attract defined gaming markets and be financially profitable.

Casino openings are extremely challenging technically, but tremendously rewarding once successfully accomplished. With its expertise in all aspects of casino gaming, Spectrum can guide its clients through this difficult process.

Gladys Kravitz has a minor bombshell in the comments.

How on earth can the Globe call these people “independent”?

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The opposite of independent


Twitter gathering at WBUR


  1. Harry

    Relax, Dan. It’s an editorial, not a news story, and a Globe editorial, for heaven’s sake. Spectrum is as independent from the gaming industry as Globe editorials are from logic and good judgment. It is party line uber alles, as far as the Globe editorial board is concerned. The Globe’s other editorial today is even worse. There is plenty of blame to share for the ominous new war in Georgia. Yet while the Globe’s prematurely named editorial “A postwar post-mortem” lambasts the Bush administration and Georgia president Saakashvili, it contains not a single word criticizing the actions of Russia or Vladimir Putin. I wonder if the Globe editorial page blamed only the Czechs and their Allies for the Sudetenland crisis?

  2. Bellicose Bumpkin

    The Spectrum study was doomed from the beginning. The state should pony up whatever amount of money is required for to pay any University(besides Barrows’) to do an truly independent analysis that fully accounts for the social costs of gambling. So far NONE of Patrick’s “studies” have provided that.

  3. Gladys Kravitz

    Dan, you had me at Casino Study Fails Laugh Test…Interesting. A plain old blogger finds a red flag on a web site’s front page. A journalist who’s also a blogger digs deeper and finds more.There are so many red flags out there waiting to be dug up and exposed.Just take this one – Middleboro selectman and casino cheerleader Adam Bond, a transplanted Manhattan attorney who’s argued at the Supreme Court, helps negotiate a contract with the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe – which in effect sells the towns own 330+ year sovereignty, in perpetuity, for $7 million per year. And then… can’t remember the language while trying to assure the public that the clause section 22 B – means nothing?? Another strange coinkydink? Heck, I’ve got a million of ’em. They’re like dandylions down here.

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