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Better and better

Media National Steve figured out how I could make the type size in the sidebars smaller than what’s in the center well. I’ve asked him about another possible tweak or two.

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  1. John Hilliard

    Dan — I’m all for trying new things, but would you consider a color scheme that doesn’t rely on two primary colors next to each other? Shades of blue and greens could work, maybe even shades of orange and red. Consider two or three colors that blend into each other (analogous colors) like, say, blue, green and yellow; maybe yellow-green, yellow and orange. Google a color wheel for help!But red and blue should be saved for Superman’s costume and the U.S. flag.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    John: The header will be replaced by a photo — soon, I hope — and that should take care of the stark red-and-blue effect at the top. I’ll take another look and see what I think after I do that. Thanks for your suggestions.

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