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Warning: Bumps ahead

I’m going to spend the evening changing the template for Media Nation. Unfortunately, I have to do it live. We may be down for a while, and I presume it will take a miracle for this to work as quickly as I’d like. But if it proves to be unexpectedly simple, I might switch to HaloScan comments while I’m at it.


Nameless mom whacks nameless paper


Piece of cake


  1. Ari Herzog

    Bumpity Bump… looks good so far as a 3-column format. Are more changes on the way?Suggest you hide the top navbar while you’re at it. Instructions here.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Ari: Oh, yes. I’m thrashing away, and will probably not be done for a while. Plus I want to replace the header with a photo that I haven’t taken yet. Much more to come.

  3. DJS

    The blog looks nice on my screen (1280×800), much better than the previous design.

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