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Tweak, tweak

I changed the typeface from Arial to Verdana, which is a little wider, and replaced the impenetrable NewsTrust widget with a feed instead — more cryptic, but at least you can read it.

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  1. Rick

    It looks good DanI like the layout

  2. DJS

    One minor CSS quibble, if I may.I think the headings of each post should have a color change or underline on mouse rollover.Otherwise, the 3-column layout looks great!Doug Shugarts

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Doug: If I had that kind of control over the look, there are several things I’d do. Alas, I’m a CSS moron, and this is entirely template-driven.

  4. Esther

    Hey Dan,I think it looks great, too. Very clean looking and it loads quickly. I like having the posts in the middle. I’ll have to look at changing my typeface. I think I need something a little wider and easier to read.

  5. Steve

    Nice redecorating job, Dan!Quibble: for some reason I can’t resize the comments window since the change. I don’t know whether that’s you or me.On the topic of typefaces, here is a page devoted to Matthew Carter, creator of Verdana, master typographer, and former Bitstream colleague. BTW, see here for an example of how to do that hover thing Doug wants. You’ll be a CSS weenie in no time.

  6. John

    Are the links returning?

  7. Aaron Read

    I don’t like the new layout, but for a very specific reason: I often read this blog on my Windows Mobile 6 device (Samsung i760) and the new layout puts the entire left column above the center column, and makes the center column display in a weird way. Sometimes it’s just one word per line, sometimes not.Regardless, the old theme wasn’t perfect with my phone either, but the new one is markedly worse.(shrugs) Of course, if phone-viewing of your site isn’t a priority, then I wouldn’t worry about it. After all, it looks fine on my desktop.

  8. Dan Kennedy

    John: Yes, the links are returning. They’ll probably replace the long list of labels, which I don’t think adds anything. I haven’t done it yet because I want to try Blogger’s live links option, which will take a little bit of time — I’ve got to do them one at a time.Aaron: Can you get the RSS feed sent to your phone instead? BTW, I’m not entirely satisfied with the layout, and might try a different template that throws the blog to the left and gives me two narrow columns on the right. That could take care of it. The big thing is that, having switched to the modern Blogger, I now have the option to switch things around pretty easily.

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