New troubles for a voice from the past

John DePetro, the ratings-challenged radio talk-show host who was run out of town after he referred to the Green Party’s Grace Ross as a “fat lesbian,” may not be doing as well in Providence as had been believed.

According to the Boston Herald and the Providence Journal, DePetro’s 6 to 10 a.m. program on WPRO Radio (AM 630) had recently zoomed from 11th to fourth in the Arbitron ratings. But now it appears that someone may have been cooking the books.

No word on whether DePetro himself was involved.

Brian Maloney has more here and here.

3 thoughts on “New troubles for a voice from the past

  1. Dunwich

    I wonder if being in the same format with York and Cianci was a bit more pressure than he could handle? What are the chances that the bogus diaries just happen to come from DePietro’s home base?

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