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Comment trouble?

I received an e-mail a little while ago telling me that some of the comments to this post had disappeared. My correspondent wondered whether it was deliberate. It was not. Among the comments that are now gone was one I wrote to frequent Media Nation commenter O-Fish-L. Not sure what’s going on.

Perhaps the time has come to chuck the whole thing and turn comments over to HaloScan.

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  1. Adam Gaffin

    I saw another local blogspotter complaining of the same exact thing this morning.

  2. BosPhotog

    Speaking of comments. How's this little Arbitron ratings "incident" regarding our old friend John DePetro? OUCH!

  3. Tony

    How can you tell when Dan is noodling with the template on his blog? When it changes in the middle of mid-read between posts!! 🙂

  4. O-FISH-L

    Dan, I choose to delete what I don’t like. I have the power.

  5. Steve

    Fish – you’ve always been able to delete your own comments. Where did the rest of them go?

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Steve: I think Fish was joking.

  7. Steve

    I should learn never to question the power of the fish.

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