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Twittering Joba’s injury

As obnoxious as it may be to quote myself, I want to share a Twitter post I wrote a little while ago on Joba Chamberlain’s injury that I thought was actually enhanced by the 140-character limit: “The owner’s stupid kid wanted Joba to start, the baseball people didn’t. Now Joba may need surgery. Youk cheers.”

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  1. Steve

    Dan, your link is a bit truncated. The story is here.Doesn’t this sound a bit like what happened to Papelbon in the 2006 season? And isn’t this why the Sox babied Buchholz and (to a lesser extent Lester)? You gotta be careful with these young arms, I guess. It might cost you in the short run, but it’ll pay off eventually.But they really buried the lede in this story, and you are apparently too modest to notice:“We are leaning toward Mr. Kennedy,” Cashman said of the right-hander. Kennedy started the season poorly, was optioned to Triple-A after six starts, brought back for three more disappointing outings, placed on the disabled list with a strained right lat muscle, then optioned to Triple-A, where he is 4-2 with a 2.14 ERA.The question I have is how do you get the time to do all this blogging, what with Triple-A and rehab and all.

  2. Chalicechick

    I find writing for twitter a really interesting exercise.

  3. awk

    What is it about sports that encourages people to disregard journalistic principles and simple humanity? While it is obviously not a question of life or death (like Novak), it could be a question of career life or death if the injury is serious enough. And this is not someone who has earned millions.So why the mocking “Youk” comment? And why the misrepresentation about the baseball people? The Yankee camp was divided, but it was the players more than management who didn’t want him to start. And who’s to say it wouldn’t have happened anyhow? He does have an injury history. And remember that with Papelbon, the desire to make him a starter was because they felt relief was the greater strain.Dan: As much as I respect your comments about journalism and politics, I feel quite the opposite about the comments about sports.

  4. Aaron Read

    Hey awk: YANKEES SUCK!!!😉

  5. Jon Garfunkel

    As per “awk” above, you’re congratulating yourself over an artless Twitter post? sheesh…WBZ’s Steve Burton just drily observed, “Maybe he hurt himself throwing too many times at Youk’s head.”and less than 140 characters, too!

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Awk: Read this. Cashman was clearly concerned that moving Chamberlain from the bullpen to a starting role could result in his hurting his arm. And guess what? He hurt his arm.Trying to make the transformation in mid-season, as Chamberlain was forced to do, is especially hazardous, because you’re taking someone who’s geared himself to pitch for an inning or two and forcing him to go longer. The Yankees tried to do it gradually, but look what happened.Given that Chamberlain has thrown at Youkilis’ head repeatedly, I am less sympathetic than I might otherwise be. He could have killed Youk the last time. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

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