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Firefox downgrade

Well, I’ve moved back to Firefox Nothing really wrong with Firefox 3.0, and it’s definitely faster. But there were some minor compatibility issues, and it wouldn’t let me access my Northeastern mail. Definitely an improvement, but not quite ready for prime time.

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  1. Aaron

    If you’re willing to give it a test, upgrade back to 3.0 and download “IE Tab” You can then access websites as if you were using IE, which tends to work better with webmail applications I’ve found.You can also set permanent filters on, so particular site always render in IE

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Aaron: I assume you mean IE for Windows. I use a Mac. The Mac version of IE is so long in the tooth that it’s not even compatible with many IE-designed sites anymore … including Northeastern Web mail.

  3. Local Editor

    Interesting,I’ve had the same problem logging into work e-mail from home with Firefox 3.0.

  4. mike_b1

    local editor, I’ve noticed that in some wireless locations I’ve had to toggle to Auto-detect proxy settings (the default is No proxy) in order to bring up the Web pages.Look under Tools/Options/Advanced/Settings

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