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Gmail aliases

As I vowed, I’ve started experimenting with different mail systems. Right now I’m playing with Apple Mail, Gmail and IMAP. Unfortunately, I’ve found that when I send a message using my Northeastern address, the receiver still has my Gmail address sprinkled throughout the header, since I’m using the Gmail SMTP server. So there’s still a good chance that some of my intended recipients will see my messages as spam. Hmmm.

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  1. David Rogers

    How was the conference Dan?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    You know how these things are. There were some good moments. I’m planning to blog about a couple of them this week.

  3. Patrick McManus

    if you use gmail’s servers, they are going to stamp you – for potential spam tracking purposes if nothing else.I recommend AuthSMTP. For $2 a month you can have an outbound SMTP server that will take your mail submissions on alternate ports, lets you use any sending address, and allows SSL – so you can use it in pretty much any sketchy wireless environment without worrying about passwords being sniffed, etc..

  4. John Howard

    Why do we put up with spam blockers? It’s absolutely unacceptable that when we send an email, it might get blocked. I’d much rather get spam than have my emails lost and not know they were never received.

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