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Reason #11

Picking up on Gladys Kravitz’s post on the top 10 reasons that a casino will never be built in Middleborough:

The wife of Shawn Hendricks, president of the Masphee Wampanoag tribal council, has taken a restraining order out against him, according to Stephanie Vosk and George Brennan of the Cape Cod Times. The Hendrickses are in the midst of a messy divorce that includes accusations of violence and steroid use.

Last year Hendricks took over the tribal presidency from Glenn Marshall after it was revealed that Marshall had lied about his military service and had a record as a convicted rapist. It was Marshall who led the tribe’s efforts to build the world’s largest casino in Middleborough. Hendricks has vowed to continue with that effort.

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  1. Dan H

    Number 12: Twin River, the company backing the Mashpees in their casino plan, is reportedly about to tank financially. H

  2. tom

    There seems to be a history of trashy gossip that makes one wonder about the leadership. for a certain Middleboro Selectman to tell you “I trust the man.” Maybe he’ll have the sense to keep silent, although he said of Glenn Marshall ‘we all have skeletons in our closet.’

  3. Anonymous

    Who’s in bed with these people? It gets worse and worse. This is like a tawdry soap opera someone scripted.And Guv wants in on this? He’s going to go down with the sinking ship as well. bev

  4. Anonymous

    The fact that the tribe continues to elect criminals to their leadership speaks to the tribe as a whole. Do we really want to welcome this element into our community? The whole thing stinks of corruption from the first Jack Healey back room deal, to the current blind support by members of our BOS. Adam Bond is correct about one thing, the investors do have DEEP pockets. Since the IGA is non binding (no penalties for cancelation) the BOS should move to nullify the agreement by sending a letter of Non-support to the BIA along with a legitimate list of concerns (not the CRAC version)that includes corruption of town officials. The sad thing is, I don’t think the BOS or any of the casino supporters would ever admit they made a mistake. They would rather see the town go up in flames, than admit they were wrong.

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