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What’s your media?

In my latest for the Guardian, I take a look at a new study showing how the media reported on the presidential primaries — and I wonder what people mean when they generalize about something that encompasses everything from the New York Times to Michael Savage.

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  1. Steve

    Dan, you observe:When you talk about “the media”, you have to explain what you mean. andIt doesn’t matter what the New York Times is saying except to people who read it.This sounds like a problem similar to what political polls must solve, and many of them solve it by weighting the results of different demographics differently.Do you know of good studies of how many people get their information from what media? (Man, that’s a horrible sentence. But I hope you know what I mean.) Are these weights accounted for in the study?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Steve: Interesting point. I guess my first reaction is that you weight polls because the parts add up to something. I’m not sure that the fragmented media add up to anything. It’s every media consumer for him- or herself.

  3. Anonymous

    As for myself, when I hear the words ‘the media, or the MSM’ what comes to mind is the traditional professional media, be it old line print, radio, and television. This also includes the online operations of these people. What I don’t think of in that light are bloggers, and whack jobs that populate the so called tabloid news programs, designed more to generate controversy that report or inform. DK, I know you have your feet in both worlds.

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