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Manny’s right

It’s time for Kevin Youkilis to grow up.

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  1. mike_b1

    The Boston Herald might want to work on its web design. The byline reads:”Red Sox Beat Rob Bradford.”

  2. Anonymous

    Right. Lucky for Youk he’s got Manny for a role model . . .

  3. Anonymous

    Precisely. The fact that Manny could be his role model suggests how immature “Youk” is.

  4. Anonymous

    How can Manny chill-out with a bald-headed cup thrower making the Latin blood tense? That called for a slap and a day off.

  5. o-fish-l

    I’ve noticed that Youkilis has seemed to be on edge ever since getting crossed up with Enza Sambatarro, the convicted shoplifter noted for hooking up with Ben Affleck before marrying and having a child with Toyota dealer Rob McGee. I think at the beginning of the season, the Globe had a less than flattering story on Youkilis and Sambatarro and I sensed then that it would affect Youkilis on the field, or in this case, in the dugout. My guess is that he is bringing a lot of frustration to the park with him.

  6. Anonymous

    I wonder if Manny was concerned that Youk’s griping would lead the umps to mess with the strike zone, causing him problems.

  7. jvwalt

    Perhaps Manny was concerned with getting konked by a frickin’ HELMET during one of Youk’s tantrums. Or even a bat! That’d put me on edge.

  8. Don, American

    But it’s a little boys’ game.

  9. Anonymous

    Dan,So you’re advocating hitting someone who does something with which you disagree? That’s what Manny did. Manny was wrong. No matter how childish you think Youk is, some would say intense, there is no justification for hitting someone over a disagreement, much less a colleague. As for the issue of who needs to grow up…Manny is hardly the poster boy for adult behavior. He’s a man child in every sense of the word, and regularly disgraces the uniform with his lack of hustle and intelligence on the field. I’d take 9 Youk’s over 9 Manny’s every day of the week.Should McCain backhand Obama next time they have dsagreement on Senate floor? Didn’t think so.

  10. Peter Porcupine

    Anon – can he backhand Hillary?

  11. Anonymous

    Dear anonymous from 9:19:Sheesh, its sports. We also advocate a fastball into the posterior of Jonny Gomes at the first reasonable opportunity.The team of 9 best right handed hitter since Williamses would beat the hell out of the the team of 9 youks every day of that week, and would embarass them if its after the All Star break.And they’d save money on water coolers.

  12. Anonymous

    What’s most impressive here is Peter Porcupine’s ability to divert any discussion into hating on liberals. No wonder the GOP is less popular than pus flavored ice cream in these parts.Don, American’s comment is pointless, as always. Can anyone really be that attention starved?

  13. The Babe

    Manny is always right. It will be a sad day the Sox open a season without Manny.

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