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It’s all about the Clintons

In my latest for the redesigned Guardian, I write that by placing their own psychodrama above Obama’s big night, the Clintons have managed once again to hurt their party and their own reputations.

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Vote “da” for Clinton


It’s over


  1. Anonymous

    Which is yet another reason why you need to rethink your Hillary for veep post. No. Way. In. Hell.No way.See, we’re used to dealing with focus-grouped nitwit Democratic candidates for president like Gore and Kerry. They would do stuff like that. Not Barack Obama.Hillary will be lucky to keep her seat in the Senate after this. And I bet she’s not even done digging her own grave yet.

  2. Bill Toscano

    Dan: A serious question.Do The Guardians’ readers know “The Dauly Show?”

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Bill: Even though most of the comments seem to be from Brits, the Guardian has a huge American presence. My working assumption is that most of my readers are Americans. My editor has never once suggested that what I’m writing is too U.S.-oriented, or that I need to explain anything for British readers. And hey, if he’s happy, what the heck.

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