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A different kind of fight?

The quick pundit take seems to be that Hillary Clinton vowed to fight and fight and fight some more, all the way to Barack Obama’s inauguration next January and perhaps into his second term as well. But I thought I heard something else. Check this out, from her victory speech in West Virginia tonight:

And our nominee will be stronger for having campaigned long and hard, building enthusiasm and excitement, hearing your stories, and answering your questions. And I will work my heart out for the nominee of the Democratic Party to make sure we have a Democratic president.

No, she’s not giving up. Yes, she told her supporters that she still thinks she can win. But she’s obviously not stupid. She can do the math, even if Mark Penn can’t. This brief acknowledgment of reality means something.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah. It means she’s one sick puppy. “This fight is over but I’m still fighting it. Because telling people why John McCain will be a better president than that guy from the unelectable ethnicity will really help me in 2012.”Seriously. If she can say what she said tonight, why is she staying in the race? I don’t care how much money Bill has racked up in speaker’s fees. There’s no way they keep lending millions to her campaign unless it’s for a very clear purpose.

  2. Pink Granite

    After Terry McAuliffe’s hype of Senator Clinton’s speech, I had to listen to it in its entirety. I didn’t want to rely later on the edited sound-bites. The excerpt you quote jumped out at me as well. I even had a flash thought she might be stepping down. The longer I listened, I don’t think she’ll stop until the convention.- Lee

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