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JFK’s posthumous terrorist-coddling

Why is it that hardly anyone bothers to notice that the Hamas spokesman who “endorsed” Barack Obama did so by comparing him to John Kennedy? I mean, it’s weird, and Obama is right to label Hamas a terrorist organization. But by embracing Obama, Hamas is clearly trying to portray itself as reasonable and moderate. Which makes John McCain’s attempt to exploit this all the more deplorable. This is about Hamas trying to change its own image, nothing more.

Joe Lieberman has jumped in, too.

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  1. Not Whitey Bulger

    You might want to work on that last sentence – why would Hamas portray Obama as a coddler of terrorists? I know what you mean, but you didn’t write what you mean.

  2. mike_b1

    Lieberman is such an apologist for Israel, one wonders if he himself walked the nuclear weapon plans over to Ben-ami Kadish.It’s absurd to think the broken policies toward the Middle East over the past 50 years will suddenly turn in our favor. Anyone who read Mark Bowden’s outstanding accounting of the Iranian hostage situation during the Carter Administration will recognize how similar the problems of that day were to those leading up to the (failed) invasion of Iraq. Old Man McCain and his ilk know no other way but war. He’s just another Goldwater, only older.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Not Whitey: Thanks. I just translated it into English and reposted.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m Jewish. I’m 62. I’m a Democrat. I support Israel. And I loathe Joe Lieberman and his sanctimonious posturing, going as far back as his “courageous” denunciation of Bill Clinton in 1998. This guy thinks that sexual pecadilloes and obscene hip-hop lyrics are more important than lives ruined and lost. May he learn his lesson painfully!

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