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The Bailey Cosmo-logy

Cosmo Macero Jr., the only journalist I’m aware of who managed to compete with Steve Bailey and not look completely foolish, blogs a tribute to the now-former Globe columnist for Boston Magazine.

Macero, who left the Herald a few years ago and is now a vice president at O’Neill and Associates, also happens to be one of a handful of plausible replacements for Bailey. So what about it?

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  1. Anonymous

    Macero can match Bailey for hard work and doggedness. But for writing and insight, no. It’s almost a textbook Globe-Herald comparison.

  2. Ron Newman

    The Globe seems to be shedding whole sections of late. Two months ago, they killed Calendar. Today, they combined the Wednesday Food and Living|Arts sections into a mishmash called “Food & Arts”. Bad news for any movie that opens on a Wednesday, or for any performing arts group whose review is published on that day (such as the Big Apple Circus today).

  3. liamstliam

    *sigh*;)This must be a big-time blog. Ron is here. ;)I miss all this, because I am only reading online unless I drive to Vermont.

  4. Anonymous

    Does Cosmo make more money at his current job than he would at the Globe? I imagine that is the case.

  5. Anonymous

    i think cosmo is forever sidelined. flacking for o’neill has made any future offerings from him tainted, fairly or not. every column about a former client or a former client’s competition would have to carry the required nytimes/red sox disclosure. not worth it.

  6. Anonymous

    Cosmo, as talented as he is, doesn’t fit the profile of future Globe hires.

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