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Nice recorder, lousy software

Does anyone have an Olympus DM-10 digital voice recorder? I’ve used one off and on for a little more than a year. It does what I need it to do, but I can’t stand the Mac software that comes with it. Any advice on reasonably priced third-party software that can handle the DSS audio files? Or that can convert the DSS files to MP3 or AIFF?

Problem solved: Thanks to the Media Nation brain trust.

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  1. Anonymous

    Here’s a utility that will carry out the conversion:

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Tried it. Supposedly has DSS conversion in the trial version, but I didn’t see it. I don’t want to pay only to find out it isn’t there.

  3. John

    If you record in WMA format, there’s a little utility called EasyWMA, which you can get here.

  4. Anonymous

    Dan, I have a DM-20. I find that after I upload the files to my computer, I can simply drag and drop them into iTunes; iTunes automatically converts them to AAC files, and I listen to them in iTunes. From AAC, I’m guessing it’s an easy conversion to MP3, but I never do that so I don’t know.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 8:18: Problem solved! When I read your post, I realized that I might be able to record in a format other than DSS. Sure enough, I downloaded the manual (when all else fails, read the instructions) and found that if I recorded in high-quality mode, I would get an WMA file instead of a DSS. I can get more than four hours of recording space in high-quality mode, which isn’t as good as the 20 hours I get with DSS, but it’s plenty good enough. Thank you.

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