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Clinton won, but can she win?

In my latest for the Guardian, I ponder what’s next for Hillary Clinton and the media. She had a big day yesterday, and thus she can claim some momentum as well. But given that Barack Obama’s delegate lead appears to be insurmountable, where does she go from here? And how will the media redefine the narrative?

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  1. io saturnalia

    As chagrined as I am to admit it, there’s something to her argument that she’s shown she can win the big states. Still, if she’s the nominee, practice writing the following three words: President John McCain.At least we’ll have a dynamite-looking first lady.

  2. Patricia of Trakai

    The last graf of your Guardian column is exactly what I fear.

  3. Don, American

    It’s over. The Clinton Machine wins. Superdelegates. . . schmeligates. It’s her turn, but will she dump the adulterer? Stay tuned.

  4. Ross Levanto

    Dan– I am curious as to your thoughts on the word “Momentum.” Haven’t the events in this race since Super Tuesday transpired exactly as expected. Obama was expected to win all the primaries in February, and Clinton was expected to win Ohio and Texas. I don’t think Hillary can claim momentum now as much as Obama couldn’t claim momentum last month.I think many in the media lose sight of the fact that these are different voters casting their preferences in each primary. The media cover the primaries as if the same voters (or at least, the same type of voters) are casting ballots each primary, so comparing primary result to primary result is apples to apples. How else can you explain that so many said the result this Tuesday was voters showing “buyers’ remorse”? How could it be buyers’ remorse when the voters had never cast a preference before? They never had a chance to show remorse, since this is the first time we’ve heard from them? Interested in your thoughts.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    Ross: The almost total lack of momentum in this campaign goes against everything I’ve seen in a lifetime of following politics. I can’t let it go. But this is obviously a very, very unusual year. I absolutely agree with the no “buyer’s remorse” notion — Clinton had always led in Ohio and Texas, except for a blip last week when she fell behind in Texas (but well within the margin of error). Given how well Pennsylvania seems to be set up for Clinton in this anti-momentum campaign, I really do wonder if she might come out of all this with a slight lead in the popular vote.

  6. Ross Levanto

    Good stuff. Thanks Dan.

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