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Goose-stepping into oblivion

Adam Bond has removed his post in which he says he just can’t help but be reminded of the Nazis whenever he thinks about opponents of the proposed Middleborough casino. Now I wish I’d quoted an excerpt when I alluded to it yesterday.

Oh, wait — Bellicose Bumpkin has it here. It’s nice to know that Bond’s brilliance lives on.

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  1. Michael Pahre

    Dan, you need to learn about Google’s cache of webpages.Open up Google search, and enter the URL preceded by “cache:”, i.e., enter:cache: the search engine box.Voila! There’s Google’s cached version of the webpage. But you might have to grab it before Google decides that the cache will expire…

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Taking Michael’s advice, I was able to save the page from Google’s cache. Just from an anthropological point of view, it really needs to be preserved. Thanks.

  3. Middleboro Review

    Middleboro residents are convinced that your comment aided in removing the offending blog. The failure to apologize or acknowledge that the comment(s) were offensive has been noted.Save the comment for the author’s run for elected office.

  4. MeTheSheeple

    I was confused, then I did more reading. “Middleboro Review” is apparently writing an open letter to Mr. Bond here, not responding to comments made by someone else, as I had first thought. Click his/her name and you’ll find a relevant blog post.

  5. Shira

    This issue should have received more widespread coverage than it received.The comments didn’t belong in this discussion.

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