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He’s just sayin’, that’s all

Adam Bond, the Middleborough selectman who led the effort to bring casino gambling to town, wants you to know that he would never, ever be so gross as to compare casino opponents to Nazis. Just like the pro-casino folks at would never, ever stoop so low as to compare us to the Ku Klux Klan.

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Hoyt doesn’t buy it, either


Hail, Tito


  1. Middleboro Review

    Clearly, this is an inflammatory accusation that distracts from the facts surrounding the non-existent casino. Each time factual issues were raised, the convicted rapist, Glenn Marshall waved the banner of racism after proclaiming his great military sacrifice about which he had lied. Many of us have been flooded with calls and emails all day regarding Mr. Bond’s offensive post.Let’s return to a discussion regarding the facts and raise the level of discourse above Mr. Bond’s gutter height. Accusations such as this define the casino supporters, not the opponents.

  2. Rachel

    My comment on MiddleboroReview reads:To use a reference to the Holocaustto advance an argument regarding the casino debate is insensitive at best,morally bankrupt at worst. It diminishesthe persecution, suffering, and massgenocide of millions instigated by an evilmadman. Hitler’s ‘final solution’ for all those who didn’t fit his Aryan modelrepresents the ultimate in man’s inhumanityto man. And it pains me deeply to seeits effects diminished by an off-hand personal remark attempting to imply localracism.The atrocities and genocide of the ThirdReich must never be forgotten. Nor should the memories of those who were castrated by fearthen killed be abused. We must remember what happened to honor the memory of those who weresacriced and to insure it never happens again.Steven Spielberg documented in film the horrificstories of Holocaust survivors as part of his Shoah Project. Their stories are brutal andunnerving, but their voices must be heard.Also,anyone visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washingtonshould request access to the archives to see thevolumes of evidence forever indicting the Third Reich for its war crimes.Perhaps the most traumatizing experience at theHolocaust Museum is the small booth displayingphotographs of corpses of mentally retarded children disfigured by Dr. Mengele.I can not sit silently and read a comparisonof the Nazi Culture of Death with impliedracism toward area citizens who disagree witha Casino. There is no comparison.

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