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An ocean of snow

I challenged my students in Reinventing the News to take some snow pictures and post them to their blogs — so I figured I’d better do the same. I was in Magnolia earlier this afternoon and shot a few photos down by the ocean. I make no great claim for these, but if you’re interested, click on the photo for a Flickr slide show.

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  1. Larz

    Geez, Dan, all the way to Mongolia and you came back with just a few pictures — of Cape Ann. At the very least, you should have bought some Yak t-shirts.— Larz

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Since the fall of communism they’ve killed all the yaks and rebuilt the entire country as a Gloucester-style theme park. What can I say?

  3. DJS

    Oh, so THAT’S the language spoken by all those folks on the North Shore!Doug

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